11 May 2018

What is The Keratokonus?

KERATOKONUS Keratoconus is a cornea deficit which generally affects both of the eyes. Keratoconus is a cornea illness which is characterized as its top gets thinner and erects that it is often asymmetric and not inflammatory. Keratoconus is mostly seen in women that it improves between the ages 20 and 40, and decreases after 40 years old. In this period, types of the glasses always change, and the patients can not see clearly. Keractoconus beclouds the ability of driving a car, writing on the computer, watching television, or reading. WHAT ARE THE REASONS OF KERATOCONUS? The real reason of keratoconus is not known but genetic and mechanical traumas act the most important parts in its improvement. The itching of eye, usage of rigorous lens are environmental factors that lead the improvement of the illness who have genetic tendency. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE ILLNESS?
  • Continuous itchy allergy in the eye – slight eye irritation
  • Continuously improving myopia and ophthalmology
  • Having unclear sight though glasses
  • Sensibility to light
  • Dazzling
These symptoms show the high risk of keratoconus. In these kinds of situations, it is better to have a consultation to a specialist. Because it has got importance for an early diagnosis and cure in order to overcome difficult sight problems which might occur in the future. DOUBT OF KERATOCONUS The doubts of keratoconus which needs further consultations are
  • Allergy and itching in the eye,
  • Having keratoconus at the family members,
  • Continuous change of types of glasses; especially rise in ophthalmology,
  • Prescriptions of different glasses at every consultations,
  • The decrease in the level of sight even with glasses.
This illness whose diagnosis is difficult might end up with blindness unless it is stopped.  Keratoconus patients could be diagnosed at the patients, who especially request to have Excimer Laser cure in order not to use glasses, during the topographic examination of the cornea. THE CURE METHODS OF KERATOCONUS Before starting the cure of keratocolus, it is better to diagnose the level of it. If there is no improvement, patient’s sight deficit could be cured, and cornea maps could be monitored every 3 months. Our cornea illnesses’ specialist applies cures for keratoconus by using strong lenses, inner cornea hoops (INTACS – kerraring), Cross – Linking, cornea transfusion (keratoplasty) according to the level of it. If keratoconos is improving, second level of cure is applied. 1st Level: The improvement of the illness is stopped. There is only one way of it. It is called corneal cross bounding. 2nd Level: The sight deficit is cured. Operational or non – operational methods could cure the sight deficit.
  • Non – Operational Methods: They are eye glasses or contact lenses for keratoconos.
  • Operational Methods: They are inner cornea hoops and topolink laser.
The patients whose illnesses improve and are not tracked has thin cornea which is 350 micron or less are not cured with the methods above. The patients in these situations are tracked with contact lens or cornea transfusion must be done.
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